Utopia Power Manager – Enterprise Power Management Software

Utopia Power Manager is the most advanced and comprehensive PC power management software available.

All the computers within your organization can be managed by an intuitive administrator client. At a press of a button, you can switch off monitors then power off all the computers.

Use the integrated scheduler for tasks and scripts – save electricity, help the environment and save money.

Utopia Power Manager will accurately measure where electricity is used and wasted. The numerous dashboard views and reports will ensure you create the most effective power management schemes.

With Utopia Power Manager you can power down entire floors of computers to the desired state at the press of a button at any time.

Utopia Power Manager has a built-in scripting language to ensure open documents are saved before powering down. These scripts can also be used for network administration.

Utopia Power Manager will change the way management views computers. Traditionally viewed as an expense with this application every existing computer is an additional saving.

Auto Shutdown XP Professional

A typical PC left on for 24 hours each day can use £60 ($1081 or €882) or more of energy per year. Turned off at night and weekends, the same units will only use around £15 of energy per year.

In an office with 100 PCs, annual energy cost savings could be around £5000 and £15000 if sited in an air-conditioned office.

Electricity has never been more precious we must all help to prevent it from being wasted; ASD XP Professional can help you do this and save your company substantial amounts of money in the process.

ASD XP Professional will change the way management views computers. Traditionally viewed as an expense with this application every existing computer is an additional saving.

How ASD XP Professional works

ASD XP Professional runs silently in the background until the scheduled time or condition is satisfied. At which point the user is given an optional warning notifying them of the shutdown.

If there is unsaved work, this can be saved by ASD XP Professional.

Shutdown times can be controlled from a central computer or server. Making it easy to extend or shorten the time a PC available.

Schools, Colleges and Universities and even parents greatly benefit from the advanced features which can prevent a PC from being switched back on for a period of up to 24 hours.

Additionally ASD XP Professional can be used to reboot servers, log off users or even used as a timer to switch off the computer for those who use it to watch TV or listen to MP3’s.

WOL Manager Professional

WOL Manager Professional enables multiple PCs to be powered up elegantly saving time, money and offering flexibility. At the press of a button, an entire floor consisting of hundreds of computers can all be powered up.


Most IT support departments carry out vital system upgrades in core office hours since all the required computers are powered on. This can be disruptive and costly.

WOL Manager Professional enables users to wake up entire rooms of computers from a single computer. Ensuring computers are ready for upgrades and maintenance.

How WOL Manager Professional works

WOL Manager Professional maintains a database of computers on your network. This database has all the information required for WOL Manager Professional to boot up any of these computers. More than one database can be created to reflex the physical network organization.

When a certain room of computers is required to start-up, the relevant database is loaded. The required computers are selected by the user and WOL Manager Professional then sends messages to each of these to wake them up.

The last date and time each of the computers is awoken are recorded in the WOL database.